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The New Georgia License

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

In September 2019 The Department of Driver Services announced changes to your Georgia license and identification cards. While the change does not immediately impact valid non-expired license and identification card holders it does add a new look and added security for renewals and new license / id card issuance

So what are the major changes and what do you need to know?

Don't rush to renew: All previously issued licenses and IDs will remain valid until their expiration date. So if your license is still in your possession and has not expired there is no need to run to drivers services for a new one.

Color photos are no more: As a shock to many DDS has moved from color to black and white customer photos on the licenses and IDs. Images are now laser engraved and are virtually tamper resistant, which increases the overall security of the license.

Added security: What prompted the change - all states must meet guidelines set forth by homeland security and Georgia DDS has strived to be at the forefront of this change. Features such as engraving the image, placing the peach and outline of the state in a prominent position - are all part of DDS strategy to meet the new rules.

For more information on the changes visit or download the DDS To Go app - an easy and convenient solution for renewals and address changes.

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