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Answers to your questions

  • Defensive Driving / Driver Improvement Class
    Allegiance offers a 6-hour Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving Program certified by the Georgia Department of Driver's Services (DDS) offered either as a 1 day or 2 day evening class. Class Cost: $95 A reduced rate may be available - call to discuss. ENROLL
  • DUI / Risk Reduction
    The DUI / Risk Reduction Program consists of two parts that must be successfully completed in order to obtain a certificate of completion. As per Georgia DDS Guidelines the total for the complete DUI course also known as DUI Risk Reduction Course is $360.00: ($100.00 Assessment fee + $235.00 class fee + $25.00 book fee). LEARN MORE Contact Us: or (762) 435-7101
  • Clinical Evaluations / Treatment Provider
    Alcohol and drug clinical evaluations are not DUI / Risk Reduction Classes. Services are conducted in the privacy of our Madison and Monticello office in partnership with Sober Notes Addiction Counseling Services. Contact Us: or (762) 435-7101 LEARN MORE
  • PRIME For Life 420 Class
    This class is an 8 hour educational program centered around marijuana use. Class Cost:$150 Contact or (762) 435-7101 LEARN MOIRE
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