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Clinical Evaluations and Treatment Provider Program 

Offering Court approved services to Jasper County and Morgan County.

Clinical Evals

Sober Notes Addiction Counseling provides court approved alcohol and drug evaluations, anger management evaluations, ASAM Level I Treatment, anger management classes, and more. Services are available Monday through Friday and we provide flexible appointment times to work with your schedule. 

Evaluations may be court-ordered for various reasons by Judges, probation officers, pretrial diversion officers, DFCS, and law enforcement agencies that may deem it necessary to assess a person's addiction severity to substances.

We evaluate life stress, attitude, emotional stability, criminal history and alcohol /drug use through personal interview and assessment tools.

Your counselor will discuss the results of the evaluation with you and, based on the findings, recommend a course of action which may include education or treatment.

Our evaluations are state approved and are accepted by the court and probation. 

In Georgia a Clinical Evaluation is defined as a Substance Abuse Evaluation performed by a licensed or certified professional who has been approved by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health.

All Sober Notes Addiction counselors are approved by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health, with credentials exceeding the minimum requirement. 


Our counselors are Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and a National Certified Counselor.  We offer you a non-threatening experience based on the fundamentals of the Person-Centered Approach developed by the Father of Counseling, Carl Rogers.

Alcohol and drug clinical evaluations are not DUI / Risk Reduction Classes.  Services are conducted in the privacy of our Madison and Monticello office in partnership with

Sober Notes Addiction Counseling Services.

Services offered by Sober Notes

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Anger Management Evaluations
Theft and Shoplifting Prevention
Anger Management Classes
Family Violence Intervention (FVIP)
​Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) 
Alcohol and Drug Awareness 
Values Clarification 
Impulse Control
Prime for Life
Mental Health Evaluations  

Clinical Evaluations


Treatment Provider

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